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Robotic Process Automation [RPA] is setting the precedence and enabling us to meet and exceed expectations across a wide spectrum including but not limited to improved compliance [89%], improved quality / accuracy [91%], improved productivity [89%], cost reduction [53%].


In Business Process Management [BPM], RPA has emerged as the most powerful development. Based on experts it may be even more transformational than cloud computing, the debate continues?


Business Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation


  •  Cost Reduction: Software robots are typically at least one third the price of an offshore FTE.
  •  Efficiency: RPA can operate 24X7 without breaks provided the underlying core applications are available.
  •  Accuracy: Human FTEs make data entry mistakes, whereas robots perform the same task the same way every time provided there is no requirement change whilst  processing transactions.
  •  Improved Audit And Regulatory Compliance: Robots can provide detailed audit logs enabling advanced business analytics and improved compliance.
  •  Ease Of Change Management: Robots preserve application and data integrity by leveraging the existing application presentation layer and re-using existing application logic, databases and validation without deep understanding and re-engineering.


Defining an automation strategy and identifying the most appropriate processes and tools is a prerequisite to achieving success of RPA in any organisation.

BKS Business Consultants provide direction and solutions to enable an organisation creating and adopting automation strategies. Providing invaluable service and ensuring that our clients have the optimal processes in place enabling successful alignment to automation. Building a Proof of Value [PoV] providing the required justification for RPA for their organisational strategic fit.

'When' and 'How' to embrace RPA

Why should we utilise RPA?” for resource optimisation and improved productivity would be a viable reason for an organisation to take onboard RPA. Releasing staff from repetitive tasks, reduce data silos and optimise workflows, adapt to changing needs, meet compliance, improve accuracy and consistency of information.


Robotic Process Automation makes a convincing argument when we address


    •  Manual And Repetitive Tasks Assigned To Individual Resource.
    •  Rule-Based Processes That Require No Or Minimum Human Intervention.
    •  Multiple Existing Systems – Working In Silos.
    •  Data Is Available In An Unstructured Format.
    •  High Volume, High Frequency And Time-Consuming Processes.
    •  Critical Processes – Prone To Human Errors.
    •  Hard To Replace Legacy Systems.


Benefit from BKS’s RPA Assessment services to provide the correct solution for processes suitable for automation mitigate against issues by leveraging our intelligent RPA solutions enabling provision for a seamless integration capability to automate processes of any complexity and intelligence to RPA bots using cognitive services.


Key Benefits Of Our RPA Solutions


  •  Greater Compliance
  •  Reduced Operational Costs.
  •  Improved Productivity And Efficiency
  •  Focus On More Stimulating Tasks.
  •  Higher Accuracy And Quality
  •  Comprehensive Insights
  •  Reduced Response Times


Our RPA Assessment And Consulting Approach


Our experienced RPA consultants can help comprehend how you could benefit from adopting Robotic Process Automation. We offer a range of RPA services, including consulting, implementation and RPA as Service. As a part of our RPA consultation, we work closely with your teams to do an initial RPA assessment of the existing landscape, existing processes and develop a structured roadmap for automation. We utilise process discovery tools to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the current state [As Is] and then subsequently suggest what can and should be automated. [To Be]. We do all this by following a clear and established approach, making it easier for you to evaluate and arbitrate.


BKS Business Consultants RPA

RPA Development Process


  1.  Business Objectives: Understand business objectives and define process automation strategy. Develop a structured roadmap aligning with the business objectives and find the right opportunities for automation.
  2.  Discover: Discover and recommend the potential RPA processes. Identify right RPA platforms. [Pega, OpenConnect, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism, Win Automation, Azure Automation Service, etc.] to achieve the optimal results.
  3.  Define: Define goals and success criteria in conjunction with Business users and assist in prioritising the use cases or processes that can be or should be automated first, to deliver not only a more desirable ROI as well as benefits realisation of process automation.
  4.  Feasibility Check: Perform feasibility check by studying the existing processes and applications, identifying the bottlenecks [if any].
  5.  Proof-Of-Value [PoV]: Build a PoV that provides insights to determine if it is viable to adopt a RPA approach.


BKS Business Consultants Technology Offerings


  •  Desktop, Web And GUI Automation
  •  Citrix Automation
  •  Mainframe Automation
  •  SAP Automation
  •  Excel Automation
  •  Macro Reader
  •  Task, Workflow, And State Machine Automation
  •  Screen And Data Scrapping
  •  Read And Write To Databases.


Industries we serve


  •  Technology
  •  BPO
  •  Finance And Operations
  •  Insurance
  •  Healthcare
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Retail And FMCG
  •  Human Resource [HR] And Recruitment
  •  Sales And Marketing
  •  Customer Relationship Management


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