BKS Business Consultants: The Impact of COVID-19


Corporate leaders are awash with uncertainty due to the persistent transmission of COVID-19, shifting regional dynamics, fluctuating customer demand, and transformational technology disruptions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly had a significant impact across industries, including the global management consulting industry, which has been hugely impacted. Recent research reveals that the global management consulting industry could witness a 19% loss in market value, amounting to lost revenue worth $30 billion in 2020.Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more critical to provide flexible remote work solutions with minimal dedicated office space, which protects employees while continuing to serve client needs.


We have worked closely with industrial CEOs and their leadership teams since the onset of the pandemic, focusing on new and clear strategies to ensure that they are still aligning to their vision all be it newly defined in alignment with the current economic climate. Our view is that we should consider this an opportunity to redefine our strategy for the future and align to the “New Normal”. In which any organisation will set the bar and lead the way and strive to differentiate themselves from their competitors, accelerate their recovery, and aggressively transform their companies to prepare to align to their strategic objectives.


We make a lasting difference to the way people work and the way in which an organisation will grow to remain competitive, especially during such unprecedented times. So, we are doing everything we can to support our clients and ensuring that they are as operationally astute as possible despite the challenges they face.


We will also be sharing advice and our thoughts on how you can best adapt to working remotely, to maintaining employee experience as well as the best approach to ensuring that we all get through this together.


Whether you want to increase business resilience or need assistance transitioning your organisation to a work-from-home environment, BKS Business Consultants are experienced and ready to collaborate, communicate to ensure that you succeed and ultimately align to your business requirements.

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