AI Driven PMO as a Service

AI Driven PMO

PMO-as-a-Service is a forward-thinking approach to a successful PMO. Developed and initiated encompassing unparallel experience and then deployed seamlessly, enabling your organisation to overcome the usual challenges of setting up and sustaining a Project Management Office.


BKS Business Consultants PMO, PgMO, PPM, EPMO, PSO is an outsourced PMO providing PMI, APM, Prince2 and Agile aligned Project Management and PMO services to support your organisational portfolio of programmes and projects.

How Do We DO?


Our unparalled service will provide you PMO facilities to ensure that project plans, dependencies, risks and issues, changes, project documentation, configuration management, training, OPAs, quality and costs are managed in a controlled manner.


Initially we analyse organisational and programme requirements once established we will work collaboratively to establish the optimal solution to support and ensure that your organisation has the correct support in place to optimise successful completion of projects.


PMO as a Service

We provide complete PMO service with varying level of support and management, PMO analysis, scheduling services, and tools.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)


AI driven PMO service to ensure strategic Initiatives, drive projects and updates are available for senior management offering real-time project, programme and portfolio status reporting, offering invaluable forecasting  which helps senior management in effective decision making.


Our AI driven PMO service includes:


  •  AI Driven Project Forecasting.
  •  AI Driven Risk Management & Escalation.
  •  AI Driven Issue Management & Escalation.
  •  AI Driven Complete Distribution Of Tasks And Scheduling.
  •  AI Driven Resource Allocation And Management.
  •  AI Driven Lessons Learned.
  •  AI Predictive Analytics Highlighting Project Within Your Portfolio In Terms Of Their Success.


We at BKS Business Consultants ensure you have a structured framework enabling proficient delivery of projects. The support required to make the role of project resource less stressful. We can provide a service to undertake portfolio and program reviews to ensure you optimise delivery of your portfolio, programme and projects.



The advantages of BKS Business Consultants services:


  •  Ability to step up and down on demand, ensuring holistic solution and provide a complete PMO/PM capability.
  •  Ability to leverage resources across multiple programs.
  •  Consistency of approach and quality of resources.
  •  Quality assurance over all outsourced service.


Our services and solutions are tailored to suit the scale, complexity, and risks associated with your projects and to ensure a methodical, although tailored, approach is applied across for your projects.


BKS Business Consultants PMO Outsourcing Models


  1.  The Supportive PMO:

Provides support in the form of on-demand expertise and access to information.


  1.  The Governance/ Controlling PMO:

Provides support, guidance in managing projects. Enforces compliance to align with Organisational practices.


  1.  The Directive PMO:


All PMO Services and Deliverables. Direct end-to-end project support from a project management team that takes complete control and responsibility for the project.


All these services include:

  •  Indirect support through the adoption of project management methodologies, templates and tools and the provision of project execution assistance.
  •  Education on the use of the processes, templates, and project workspace. Coaching on individual projects and assistance in addressing challenging projects.
  •  Development, maintenance, and storage of project templates including project documentation and version control and the configuration management requirements to enable you to align to your audit trail obligations.


Our Expertise


AI Driven PMO As Service

PMO-as-a-Service starts with an in-depth evaluation of your business’ current state.

All ongoing and future actions are evaluated in terms of:

  •  Scope
  •  Budget
  •  Planning
  •  Risk
  •  Strategic Business Alignment
  •  Prioritisation

Why BKS?


BKS’s PMO-as-a-Service offering is designed to interface seamlessly with any sector across all business functions. Our domain specialists have a deep understanding of their areas of expertise and after an in-depth Consultation and evaluation will determine the appropriate solution required to achieve the objectives of your organisation.

BKS Business Consultants PMO Implementation Timeline – Initial Engagement


A request for proposal (RFP) is required to ensure the client portfolio is properly understood and appropriately scoped, resulting in an examined timeline:


A request for proposal (RFP)

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