Cloud Consulting Services

Manage the cloud manage a future enabled business.

Legacy architectures are seemingly unable to manage with the explosive growth of devices, applications and data. As an Organisation you are expected to be facilitate and adopt an IT environment with the flexibility, scalability, and performance to meet ever changing demands.


Cloud computing is not a new concept. The concept of cloud computing has been around since the mid 1900’s. Cloud computing gives the assurance of business continuity as the platform for Disaster recovery, which remains the responsibility of the technology management provider. Cloud computing is embedded within in an organisation as the solution to their increasing big data and technology challenges. Then we have cloud presenting us with various challenges. More specifically, challenges regarding the entirety of the vendors providing cloud solutions on the market, along with ambiguity in their actual impact on business requirements.


BKS Business Consultants Cloud Consulting Services analyse your business and provide a solution encompassing the most appropriate cloud services that integrate seamlessly and deliver optimal return on technology investment.


Benefits of cloud adoption.


1. Business Applications


Migrate critical business applications to cloud and enable enhanced agility, scalability, accessibility and security.

  •  Websites, Web And Mobile Applications
  •  ERP, CRM, HRMS, Email Servers
  •  Files And Storage, Databases
  •  CAD And Related Software


2. Big Data And Analytics


Capture, store and analyse data using enhanced scalability and security.

  •  Google Cloud, AWS, Hadoop
  •  Fully Managed Services For ETL, Batch And Continuous Computation
  •  Fast Queries On Petabyte Scale Data
  •  Pay-As-You-Go


3. Creativity


Cloud provides a platform to focus on creativity rather than infrastructure. Deliver optimised quality content anywhere anytime with higher speeds and security.

  •  Rendering, Media Archival
  •  Video Trans-coding And Editing
  •  Live Streaming And Video On Demand (VOD)
  •  Lower Latency And Higher Speed With CDN


4. Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery


Cloud computing gives the assurance of business continuity mitigating against disaster recovery. Also protect data and avoid costly business interruptions.

  •  Real Time Replicas Of Applications.
  •  Restore Applications And Files Immediately.
  •  Retain Files And Data For Legal Requirements.
  •  Scale Up And Down As Required.


5. Internet Of Things – IoT, IoT And Data And IoT And Big Data Analytics


Cloud provides a platform to connect devices, assets and sensors, captures data, retrieves insights and takes appropriate action without worrying about infrastructure and maintenance.

  •  Predictive Maintenance
  •  Remote Monitoring
  •  Safety And Security
  •  Smart And Efficient Work


6. DevOps


Innovate more and manage time by transitioning application life cycle on cloud. Bring together people, products and processes.

  •  Build And Test Code, Automate Deployment.
  •  Release And Iterate Your Product In A Timely Manner.
  •  Adopt And Integrate World Class Monitoring Tools.
  •  Reduced Resolutions Required Resulting In Increased Client Satisfaction.


7. Cloud Consulting Services From BKS Business Consultants


We have undoubtedly remained at the forefront of the cloud evolution, guiding our clients through adoption of virtualisation and converged infrastructure solutions toward the software-defined infrastructure model and enabling realisation of expected benefits that come with cloud computing.


Our experienced Cloud Consultants will guide and provide insights to enable you to determine the virtue of and implement these popular cloud solutions:


  •  Digital Transformation
  •  Converged And Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  •  Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC)
  •  Virtualisation
  •  IaaS And SaaS Solutions
  •  Leading Cloud Solutions.



We enable business transformation with cloud services.


Cloud Consulting


Build workflows on cloud and enhance productivity, optimise efficiency with cloud based solutions built with end to end solutions.



Migrate existing systems to a cloud platform enabling you time saving solutions not to mention money and effort. Whether transitioning your business applications from on-premise to cloud or from one public cloud to another. We analyse and have a clear understanding of the current IT environment and assess the cloud readiness of business applications. We will partner with you to identify which business function existing applications can be migrated and to which cloud solution.



Be agile but also scalable and robust. Give your employees and business the correct tools  and infrastructure to expand  effectively whilst realising sustainable benefits. Cloud infrastructure extends upon a vast array of operational challenges. We service to manage the monitoring, backups, DR, deployments, security and DevOps minimising the risk to business. Providing an unparalleled service to improve and enhance the IT infrastructure, data security whilst considering regulatory and governance challenges such as (GDPR, FCA, Basel III, MiFID II, FRTB) to name a few.


Our Experts Drive and Pioneer.




What needs to integrate into cloud? Applications, processes or infrastructure we define and prioritise.




Integrate to cloud with the correct solution defined by our consultants, enabling enhanced service solutions.




We analyse and identify the optimal combination of Hybrid and public cloud to drive your business.


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