Accelerate your innovation requirements through our Consulting Services.


Innovation is an absolute priority for key stakeholders and clients within any organisation. Changes in customer behaviour, globalisation and technological innovations are currently creating a “window of opportunity” for target operating models. Driving Business innovations aided by technology advancement. We create opportunities for organisations to establish competitive positions and act as pioneers within their sector. Technological innovation will create uncertainty and risk for any organisation, therefore, requiring a defined and well-structured approach, whilst encompassing existing culture within the organisation and tailoring the change management process accordingly to ensure a seamless transition, with minimal impact. Therefore, during the transitioning of new innovation, consideration must be given as to an optimal transition process which may have not been apparent to the host organisation.


Innovation at BKS

Innovation at BKS Business Consultants:


At BKS Business Consultants, we work closely with clients to analyse their business requirements and decide on the most appropriate approach and strategy that will addresses innovation challenges. We integrate technology by deploying an innovative approach across the Enterprise Technology Stack to solve business requirements. We enable your organisation to align to the strategic objectives and goals by transforming your business with required technological enhancements. Our innovation consulting experts guide enterprises to manage expectations through exploration of new options for growth.


We enable your organisation to derive value using Agility, optimal business model innovation and technology innovation as drivers to achieve success.

We specialise in analysing business and providing the correct solution by integration of a defined strategy and innovation with successful delivery worldwide.


Business models are fundamentally associated with technological innovation, although the business model construct is essentially separable from technology. We define the business model as the tool used to define and identify clients, engaging with client needs, delivering satisfaction, and monetising the value required. The business model depicts the system as a model containing cause and effect relationships, and it provides a basis for classification. The Digital revolution is a key consideration for senior technology executives ensuring that their organisation is making the required level of investments in digital technology, we are there to ensure that value is achieved from the solutions we provide.


Innovation at BKS

Our Innovators


Our technology teams achieve extraordinary results for clients and advance the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies. Learn about them and about BKS’s Technical Doctrine, our principles for best practices.


Innovation as a standalone entity does not give you the Return On Investment that is required, integrating it to advance your transformation strategy will. We provide you with the Innovation platform enabling you to achieve the required insights to accelerate transformation and deliver better data-driven outcomes.




  •  Implement Architecture, Process And Business Model Agility.
  •  Identify Opportunities For Growth.
  •  Derive Meaningful Insights From Amassed Data.
  •  Transform Insights Into Innovative Business Concepts.
  •  Develop Innovative Strategy And Solutions To Drive Through Execution Phase.
  •  Develop A Technology And Innovation Strategy Outline.
  •  Assist In Aligning To Your Business And Technology Vision.


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