Market Intelligence and Consulting services

  •  Market Intelligence and Consulting services analysed clients’ product pipeline with acquisitions in alignment with licensing agreements and co-marketing ventures.
  •  Market dynamics analysis such as change in market conditions.
  •  Launch of product into new market, to optimise performance of the clients’ Portfolio.
  •  As part of our Workforce Optimisation Programme, we endeavour to ensure, workforce acquisition, management and optimisation.
  •  We have a structured approach to strategy and planning for human capital. As part of this process, training and development is planned and executed utilising analytical  reporting, enabling us to align to our objectives.
  •  We pride ourselves on the investment we make in our employees.
  •  In alignment with our Skills Placement Programme, which enables us to access people from across the globe, with diverse skills and backgrounds and integrate  them into our organisation.
  •  With placements throughout the different industries, with in which we operate in, enabling us to optimise and retain the value employees contribute to our organisation.
  •  As part of this we offer an unprecedented service to ensure a seamless transition for employees globally with virtual training, up skilling, apprenticeships and placement  opportunities with a structured career path.


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